dangerpusDangerpus was raised in the mountains on a diet of hiking and hard knocks. In 2016 she and Salty the dog followed their passion for the outdoors to Wollongong, where they fell in love with the ocean. Salty decided to express this love by attempting to drink all of the water in the ocean, while Dangerpus settled for exploring its depths. Also its shallows. Especially its shallows. It’s just easier to get to, you know?


saltySalty has recently learnt the word “crab”, particularly when it is shouted to him repeatedly as he is chasing crabs. Given Salty’s success in locating and resting his nose on crabs, it’s hoped he will soon learn the words “sea star”, “baleen whale” and “buried fortune.”

Salty’s favourite part of the beach is the bikini babes. He has been known to try to steal babes away from their men by moonwalking in a way they can’t refuse.


keenwasabiA Shire boy through and through, Keen Wasabi was as surprised as Dangerpus to learn that corals are animals and starfish aren’t really fish.

While Keen’s favourite part of the ocean is swimming in the shallows, he’s proven invaluable on octopus-spotting nights, and is a dab hand at measuring rock pools.


mungus_funtingMany have wondered at the true nature of biologist-cum-dog trainer Mungus Funting; few have been successful in their endeavours. The truth is Mungus is a self-replicating, free-walking fungal fruit. An offshoot can be seen in the upper left of this picture.

The much smaller, buoyant offshot will float into the atmosphere, to be scattered willy nilly across the face of the Earth. The old Mungus will then wither and die, but his legacy of bird watching, dissection and unexplained smells will never be forgotten.