#001 Neptune’s Necklace


# 001

Common name: Neptune’s Necklace

Scientific name: Hormosiri banksii

Date observed: 25th March 2017

Time of day observed: Morning

Size: Thallus length to 300 mm

Location: Windang Island

Zone: Low intertidal rock pools and gutters

Number encountered: Abundant

Interactions within species:

Several thalli grow from a single foot. These algae form scattered clumps in rock pools and low-lying gutters. When not submerged they form dense mats.

Interactions with other species:

Young Zebra Top Snails sheltered amongst the beads. Suspect this helps prevent predation by seastars and crabs.


This brown alga has a thallus made of air bladders. When submerged, the bladders float, lifting the thalli into shallower water with more light available for photosynthesis