#027 Zebra Top Snail

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# 027

Common name: Zebra Top Snail

Scientific name: Austrocochlea porcata

Date observed: 25th March 2017

Time of day observed: Morning

Shell height: Up to 25 mm

Location: Windang Island

Zone: Low intertidal

Number encountered: Hundreds


Interactions within species:

Though there are shore snails more prone to clumping (Little Blue Periwinkles, Black Nerites), Zebra Tops will still form small aggregations between feeding times.

Smaller snails can often be seen riding larger ones.


Interactions with other species:

Co-inhabits rock pools with Striped-Mouth Conniwinks, Black Nerites and Warreners. Juveniles found amongst beads of Neptune’s Necklace.



This is a relatively active snail which feeds using its sharp radula to scrape algae from rocks. It leaves a fan of scratches wherever it has fed. Snail trails crisscrossing and entwining in the shallow sand over dark rocks looks both alien and beautiful.