# 078 Light-Blue Soldier Crab

# 078
Common name:
Light-Blue Soldier Crab
Scientific name: Mictyris longicarpus


Date observed: 25th March 2017

Time of day observed: Morning

Carapace Width: Up to 25 mm

Location: Windang Island

Zone: Low intertidal (brackish water)

Number encountered: Tens of thousands


Interactions within species: Eats by picking up clumps of sand and filtering them through its mouthparts. They appear in armies thousands strong when the tide is low, and can disappear into the wet sand in seconds by burrowing in a corkscrew motion.


Interactions with other species: The line between this soldier crab and their close relative, M. platycheles, is blurred when the two species co-exist in massive numbers. Being detritus feeders, they seem to be shy and rather peaceful animals, and can be gently handled without too much fear of a nip.