Taxonomic Key

Use this key to identify species, or explore new branches of life. Only species listed in the Gong 151 are covered, but information can be used to help you narrow down what kind of creature you have, even if it’s not specifically listed.

Question 1: Does the creature eat?
YES – Kingdom Animalia  —> Go to Question 2
NO – Kingdom Protista  —> Brown algae, Neptune’s Necklace

Question 2: Does the animal have an internal backbone?
YES – Phylum Chordata   —> Aves, Australian Pelican
NO – Go to  Question 3

Question 3: Is the main part of the animal’s body soft? I.e. even if it has a shell, its actual body is soft and exposed.
YES – Phylum Gastropoda —> Mollusca, Zebra Top Snail
NO – Go to Question 4

Question 4: Are the animal’s eyes situated on its head?
YES – Phylum Arthropoda —> Crustacea, Light-Blue Soldier Crab
NO – Phylum Echinodermata —> Asteroidea, Eight-Armed Seastar

This key will be updated as more species are discovered, so keep checking back!